Best practices

Making your app with these guidelines in mind, will help end users to feel comfortable, because of the consistent look and feel as well as communication.


Please refer to the other pages in the Get started section of our developer site.


We provide all developers with our CSS and style guide to help you easily design your app or plugin to match the rest of Xena. Please refer to our Design Guide for a complete overview of how to style different elements.

Regarding icons, please use Font Awesome. Exceptions could be plugins that mimic other existing systems.


Have a clear flow in your app, to help the user accomplish his task. To do this, make wise use of hierarchy, tabs and/or steps.

Also, carefully consider where it makes most sense to locate your app. Does it need a menu for itself with its own views? Or just a spot in an existing menu or a tab in a view?


Using a simple yet professional language will help the user to understand your message quickly. End users may not need to know every detail, or a full explanation. If a decision can be made with just a few facts, it may be a better solution.


  • Don't use humor or jokes in warnings or everyday tasks.

  • Don't address the user by name, unless there is a good contextual reason.

  • Don't invent new terms for key features. E.g. don't say "contact" when you mean "partner".


  • Check your spelling.

  • Ensure your texts are clear and natural.

  • Stick to Xena's color scheme, especially regarding alerts and primary buttons.


Provide the help users might need. You can create written documentation, videos or tutorials for your app and paste a link in your app's description in the Xena App Store. Again, keep it in a clear, accurate and natural language. We recommend you provide this documentation in the languages of your primary users.

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