Introduction to Xena Apps

Xena has multiple ways to interact with external systems. Basically Xena can integrate in three different ways:

  • Direct API calls - request based integration
  • Webhook callbacks - event based integration
  • App plugins - UI integration

An integration can use any of these three types alone or in any combination desired for the specific integration. To give an idea to how Xena works behind the scenes, have a look at this diagram:

Flowchart Xena API

Here there are three major parts:

  1. Xena UI
    The userinterface which is found on and where all the user interaction happens. Inside the Xena-UI an app can create “plugins”, these plugins can be be widgets, extra tabs, buttons, context menus etc.

  2. Xena backend
    The backend contains all business logic and is also the datastore for Xena. The backend exposes an API which the Xena UI communicates with, this is the same API which any App should interact with to get or change data inside Xena. the backend also contains a webhook engine which can notify external parts whenever something inside the Xena datastore changes.

  3. Third party App
    This is the finaly piece of the puzzle, your App!

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