Xena Design Guide

Xena strives for a unified and simple look. This helps us build a UI that is easy to use and have recognizable patterns. This design guide provides an overview of how to build views for apps in Xena. As a developer you have access to the same classes as the rest of system.

Because Xena is used by a wide variety of businesses we have to take backward compatibility into consideration.

Xenas layout and classes are based on Bootstrap version 3.3. For icons we use Font Awesome 5 Pro. But we have our own styling as well.

If you want to reuse Xena’s look’n’feel in your plugins, you can reference a subset of our stylesheet designed for plugins.

<link href="https://my.xena.biz/Content/css/xena-plugin.css" rel="stylesheet" />

This design guide is about the Xena Plugin Stylesheet.

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